A Track-By-Track of Love Deluxe’s debut EP

Love Deluxe is the newest face on the up-and-coming Soothsayer imprint, and his debut EP 'Silk Mirage' is turning heads.

The Sydney based producer channels a retro, funk-filled tone on the project, flaunting a wide range musicality in the way some groovy instrumentals and booming synths.

We caught up with the Soothsayer signee to get the run-down on his debut EP, and we got a track-by-track degustation in return. Dive in below and stream the EP while you're at it.

Silk Mirage

Silk Mirage was the one that started it for me. After writing several different demos for the Love Deluxe project, this was the one seemed to sound nice as a standalone track. The chord progression is inspired by Inspector Norse by Todd Terje and loops for the whole track. I enjoy the triplet arpeggiated chord progression which gives the track an interesting syncopated feel over the stomping back beat. I like to draw upon cultural references in my music, particular for the titles, as my tracks are all (currently) instrumental. The title 'Silk Mirage', for me, is an interesting combination words, but references aesthetic inspirations for the track such as the lush, ambient pads Yoshio Suzuki's "The Mirage" and the smooth, disco grooves in some the numbers from Boz Scaggs' Silk Degrees . For me, this track is probably my best example demonstrating an "old" sound with a "modern" approach, and I think the beginning the track highlights this with the sudden burst from quiet lo-fi and distorted sounds into a wall loud, glossy and bubbling synths and drums.

Spice Of Life

Spice Life was intended to sound like a live disco jam amongst several musicians. However, in reality it was all performed by myself with several synth layers and several guitar layers. Like most tracks mine, the drum beat is the first thing to be written, with this done so after cutting up an obscure Spanish Disco track. This one took a while to bring altogether in order to get all the textural changes and give it a structural flow. I really enjoy the MIDI Saxophone in this track as it creates a musical element that isn't demonstrated in the other tracks. It also hints to a direction I would like to take in the future which involves more live acoustic/electric instrumentation.

Cool Breeze Over The Mountains

Cool Breeze Over The Mountains is the most recent out the three for the EP and perhaps the most "pop". I say this because it is quite a simple track that revolves around a melodic hook (albeit an improvised one). Cool Breeze... was written in quite a "traditional" manner, the chord progression was something that I developed over a couple weeks, with the melody following. The additional harmonic and rhythmic layers were added to fill in the texture the track. I think it came together well despite being created with different stware and plug-ins to the other two. I wanted Cool Breeze to match the others in overall sound and i think plug-ins such as the Vulf Compressor really helped give instruments warmth and colour that are evident in all the Love Deluxe tracks. The title is a reference to Keanu Reeves' Hawaiian name, translating roughly to Cool Breeze Over The Mountains. An apt title not only the "sound" the track, but also because Speed is the greatest
movie all-time.

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