Amid Government Shutdown, TSA Agents Blast Travis Scott Over JFK Airport Speakers

If you had been flying out of New York's JFK Airports just lately, you could have been met with a little bit shock when specific variations of

Currently, 800,000 federal employees are being furloughed, receiving no pay whether or not or not they resolve to come back into work. A large number of TSA brokers have been calling in sick, resulting in higher delays at airports. But, apparently, those that do resolve to point out up can have some enjoyable whereas they're at it.

The shutdown started on December 22 and plenty of Americans are actually coping with the fact of not receiving authorities advantages corresponding to SNAP or their federal revenue tax returns till after February if this shutdown ought to proceed. In addition to TSA Agents, air visitors controllers are amongst different federal employees who haven't acquired cost beneath the shutdown.

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