Best Albums Of 2018…So Far

It brings me an ample amount joy to make the following statement; 2018 is the best year dance music has had in a long time. Since the EDM bubble blew up in the late 2000s and the commercial and mainstream takeover we've seen in the 2010s, there has been a noticeable decline in the quality and innovation from our flagship artists. Of course, this isn't universal, there are always exceptions in the form Flume's first 2 releases or Eric Prydz's Opus, but by and large, the crop mainstage dance acts and our supposed industry leaders have made a noticeable trend shitting the bed whenever it came time to drop a full length LP to follow up their initial success.

From Hardwell's cringy United We Are, Calvin Harris's Motion, Alesso's mundane Forever, to Chainsmoker's forgettable Memories Do Not Open and Steve Aoki's Neon Future releases, we've seen our favorite acts rise up with slews premium singles and EPs only to lose their edge entirely once they hit the top the mountain. This led to an industry wide shift from once known identity “EDM” being mostly dutch, big room, progressive house music to a new wave deep, tropical, and future house and bass music that has now taken the spotlight. Need any pro, check out EDC's kinetic field choices this year.

It's taken some time, but we're now seeing the results these up and comers finally getting the recognition and resources they deserve and has given us the best selection music outside the underground that I can recall in years. Best part is, we're only halfway done. Check out the top albums 2018 so far…

Oh, and course the underground is also killing it as usual…


Best Albums Of 2018...So FarDon Diablo – Future (Hexagon)

Don Diablo makes his claim for the future house throne. Future delivers more than a full plate thumping, soulful, bangers and stays just under the limit commercial fluffery to stay dope.




Best Albums Of 2018...So FarAlison Wonderland – Awake (EMI)

The queen trap's sophomore LP gives fans a more cohesive, dark, and emotional collection festival ready beats than her debut. In one the most saturated genres in the entire music industry, Awake brings some much needed life.




Best Albums Of 2018...So FarKasbo – Places We Don't Know (Foreign Family)

EDM Sauce is no stranger to Kasbo and neither should you. This release doesn't rewrite the rules future bass but uses solid, catchy songwriting to create an album that will keep you smiling the whole time.




Best Albums Of 2018...So FarKeys N Krates – Cura (Dim Mak)

At under 30 mins, it almost hard to call Cura a full album, but it shows f a  st and funky nature that we haven't seen much the talented live/electronica fusion trio. Probably their most enjoyable release yet.




Best Albums Of 2018...So FarSango – In The Comfort Of (Last Gang)

Sango's been one the most inventive and underrated artists in the last few years and we more than welcome his 2nd album into our eardrums. Classic hip hop and electronica rarely sound better.




Best Albums Of 2018...So Far3lau – Ultraviolet (Blume)

EDMsauce has always loved Justin and honestly we couldn't be happier with Ultraviolet. 3blau delivers the model pop/EDM record that you wished many previous big room legends had done. Embracing experimental sounds and trying new things to create a great piece art.



Best Albums Of 2018...So FarThe Glitch Mob – See Without Eyes (Glass Air)

The famous trio has been a leader in the sound bass music for years. See Without Eyes is as serene and beautiful as it is epic and brutal. This album puts alot so called “dirty” and “hard” bass music to shame. A huge statement from the Glitch Mob.



Best Albums Of 2018...So FarUppermost – Perseverance (Uppwind)

Uppermost's self released masterpiece has something for everybody. Hard electro, uplifting future bass, atmospheric electronica, you name it, it's on here and it sounds fantastic. Easily one the best albums the year.




Best Albums Of 2018...So FarJoe Ford – Colours In Sound (Shogun)

Joe Ford's debut separates itself from the herd by taking the best aspects multiple DnB subgenres and creates the most fresh sounding and solid releases the year.




Best Albums Of 2018...So FarMoby – Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt (Little Idiot)

This album is vintage Moby, at least in terms his productions. Moody, dark, and beautiful trip hop and downtempo that's based the classic Slaughterhouse V novel. Amazing to see the veteran artist still delivering after all these years.




Best Albums Of 2018...So FarKevin McKay – The Love Forever (Glasgow Underground)

Glasgow Underground label boss gives us everything we love about nu disco and house with a fun and quality debut album.




Best Albums Of 2018...So FarDaniel Avery – Song For Alpha (Mute/NA)

If you mixed ambient electronica with Boys Noise then you'd get Daniel Avery. This UK innovator is one the best in the scene and this latest LP shows it.




Best Albums Of 2018...So FarDavide Squillace – Once Upon A Time In Napoli (Crosstown Rebels)

Veteran producer Davide Squillace returns with his first full length album in 7 years. It's top notch groovy deep house that lives up to the sky high standards you'd expect from a Crosstown Rebels release.



Best Albums Of 2018...So FarGod.Damn.Chan – Slush (Alpha Pup)

Chan makes a statement with this experimental blend trap and future bass. One the coolest records the year and a huge feather in the Alpha Pup records cap.




Best Albums Of 2018...So FarDJ Healer – Nothing 2 Loose (All Possible Worlds)

Not much is known about mysterious DJ Healer except that he clearly has a knack for imaginative house and techno music that fits in best somewhere in nature. Whether it's a long drive through the desert or camping the mountains, Nothing To Loose is the choice soundtrack for your spiritual journey this year.



Best Albums Of 2018...So FarPleasurekraft – Friends, Lovers, & Other Constellations (Kraftek)

Pleasurekraft have been beloved in the underground scene for years. It only makes sense that they would save some their biggest and best techno beats for their debut LP.




Best Albums Of 2018...So FarHidden Empire – Mind Palace (Stil Vor Talent)

Mind Palace is unlike any other techno album in recent memory. Stil Vor is known for going f the beaten path but Hidden Empire veers way f course with this one. Hypnotic is an understatement.




Best Albums Of 2018...So FarJon Hopkins – Singularity (Domino)

Most Jon's originals aren't really danceable, but Singularity actually features some groovy, leftfield tunes as well as his trademark ambient mastery. This is one gorgeous sonic voyage that you definitely want to take.




Best Albums Of 2018...So FarDJ Koze – Knock Knock (Pampa)

It's great to see DJ Koze finally getting some spotlight! Weird in all the best ways, DJ Koze lets loose with this one. Each track is something totally unexpected and by the end you'll be marking your calendars for the next time he's in town.



Best Albums Of 2018...So FarEnrico Sangiuliano – Biomorph (Drumcode)

Drumcode is the gold standard techno music and Enrico Sangiuliano is proving to be the label's goldenboy. Biomorph raises the bar unfairly high for the genre. It's one massive, jaw dropping track after another and will be a played in excess throughout the year.

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