Blueface Takes Crip Heat For Lack Of A Nipsey Hussle Tribute

As Schoolboy Q pointed out, whether to post on social media about a dead friend is a personal decision.

But at least one Crip is miffed that rising Crip Blueface has remained silent on the death of more OG Crip Nipsey Hussle.

"Blueface the only motherf*cker on the west who don't got a post about Nipsey on his page. What type of n***a is you? You don't like neighborhoods or something bro? I see people from all the around the world, other states, show respect. You from the west and you don't even got Neighborhood Nip on your shit, and you represent this Crip sh*t though? That sh*t weirder than a motherf*cker ... if it wasn't for Nip a n***a like you wouldn't even be where he was right now," said the LA Crip. 

Do you think Blue should have posted?

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