Boonk Shot Twice [VIDEO]

Boonk Shot Twice VIDEO]

Internet prankster Boonk has posted a graphic video what he says is the aftermath him getting shot twice.

There is also a photo Boonk in the hospital.

Boonk Shot Twice VIDEO]

Not long before he posted that video, Boonk did a Snap in which he cries and explains he's badly hurting on the inside.


Earlier this week he passed out on the No Jumper podcast after doing too much something.


He was also recently kicked f IG for posting homemade porn videos.

If anyone would fake getting shot (or shoot himself for attention) it would by Boonk. But that video and photo do look pretty real.

And, as we've just learned from 69, sometimes trolls do get touched.

Boonk Shot Twice VIDEO]

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