BREAKING: Gorillaz Have Announced New Music Coming On June 29th – 'The Now Now'

Gorillaz has always been a group that likes to defy the expectations placed on them. Damon Albarn, the leader the project demonstrated this in spades with the release the collective's last album and subsequent tour. After years silence, the monkey-men broke back on the scene, and despite mixed critical reviews took over the rap world once again.

With the massive break between Humanz and Plastic Beach fans were curious if the group would again take seven years to produce another album. Albarn addressed these concerns in a series interviews where he let slip he has enough new material to fill several albums. Gorillaz ended their massive tour in Brazil just last month after over a year on the road. While everyone thought this meant they would rest a bit…that is just not the case.

Street Posters Appear In London

The massive 10-day art and music event All Points East is taking place in London's iconic Victoria Park right now. Yesterday though, fans started to notice some mysterious posters lining the grounds.

The posters feature vague and outlandish sayings and all point users to a website:

One the site a funky beat plays out while an unmistakable silhouette flashes across the screen. It ends with a date – June 29th. It is ficial folks the Gorillaz have new music dropping in just one month.

Further Developments>

A month ago the artist for Gorillaz, Jamie Hewlett, uploaded a picture Russel with the exact same tagline that is seen on the posters dotting All Points East. While almost everyone has figured this project is a new album, it very well could be a single. Regardless what ‘The Now Now' might be – we have new Gorillaz on the way and that is incredibly exciting.

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