Bun B Just Shot A Home Intruder Who Held His Wife At Gunpoint

If you want to rob a home in the Houston area, stay away from Bun B's place.

Yesterday at about 5:45 PM, an unidentified masked man rang Bun's doorbell. His wife Queenie answered thinking it was a delivery. Instead, she got a gun in her face and a demand that she turn over the keys to the Audi in the driveway. She did, but Bun heard the commotion and rushed downstairs with a gun.

Bun confronted the intruder as he tried to get in the Audi. A shootout ensued and the intruder ultimately dropped his gun and ran away.

The intruder later showed up at a Houston hospital with a bullet wound in his shoulder. He was arrested for two counts of aggravated robbery with a weapon and one count burglary. So far no word from Bun on this most disturbing of incidents. 

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