Cardi B Has Some Hot Takes Regarding Ketchup

After getting caught in a bit of a scuffle with Doja Cat during the day, on Thursday night, Cardi B changed up the topic by tweeting that if you refrigerate your ketchup, she doesn't trust you. Well, she must have a lot of trust issues then, because the overwhelming majority of the replies to her tweet seem to be advocating for cold ketchup. 

"So, where DOES Cardi keep her ketchup?", you might be wondering. The answer is: Above the fridge, where it easily accessible for her morning eggs. 

Many pulled out their detective skills and were quick to point out that it literally says on the back of the Heinz bottle that ketchup is supposed be refrigerated after opening for best results. 

After Cardi confessed to this ketchup crime, people had many more questions for her about her condiment storage choices. She assertively stated that she also believes pancake syrup and hot sauce should not be refrigerated either. 

Perhaps these takes are less controversial.

Anyway, when all is said and done, let Cardi have her Hot Ketchup Summer in peace. We just hope she gets the best results with her breakfast. 

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