Cardi B Is Already Laughing About Her Fight With Nicki Minaj

Cardi B got herself in a messy situation when she decided to come for Nicki Minaj. Taking shots in interviews was one thing, but harnessing her resentment into a physical attack for all to see caused some damage to her reputation in some circles. Still, the rapper who is known for her bubbly personality and love for humorous levity seems to be using jokes to move on from the negative situation.

The "Ring" artist posted a picture of a young girl emulating the rapper. The kid adorned herself with a red dress. Her outfit was similar to the one Cardi wore at the Bazaar event the night the fight broke out. The smiling youngin even had her hair slicked back like the star. Something crucial, however, was missing from the look that has now become almost iconic due to the scandal: the infamous battle wound.

Cardi points out the missing bulge on the girl's head, poking fun at the appearance she had when escorted out of the New York Fashion Week event.

From her perspective, it isn't too soon to shake off the negative experience with humor. Meanwhile, more drama is coming out of the woodwork towards the star.

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