Charlamagne Says Ma$e Needs To Delete His Rap Career

Months after Power 105.1 radio personality Charlamagne Da God and rapper Ma$e engaged in a confrontation in Miami during the REVOLT Conference, The Breakfast Club host has addressed the incident during an interview with Vlad TV.

According to Charlamagne, the Harlem rapper was upset about comments he made on-air. While speaking with Vlad TV, he defended his remarks about what he feels is Ma$e’s bleak music career and criticized the musician, who he referred to as a hypocrite, for bouncing from pastor to positive rapper to G-Unit affiliate.

“I just think Ma$e is a hypocrite,” Charlamagne Da God said. “His career’s—You can’t reheat cold French fries. That’s what I say when it comes to your career. You can’t reheat cold French fries, Ma$e. It’s like you had your time…It’s like you can’t go from rap to doing something as extreme as being a pastor then come back to rap. And when he first came back, the first comeback was kinda interesting because it was the first time he had done it. And he was saying he wanted to deliver a positive message. Then he was on the 'Jesus Walks (Remix),' which makes total sense. So, we was paying attention. And then he left again. Went back to the church. But then you come back with G-Unit, bruh? Trying to be Murder Ma$e again? Fuck outta here…Nobody’s checking for that."

He then revealed that Ma$e felt that he was being blackballed by deejays in New York City and that Charlamagne was the one behind the blackballing.

“And the thing about Ma$e—Ma$e was like he felt like he was getting blackballed by deejays in New York City,” the radio host said. “And he said I’m leading the blackballing. Number one, I don’t have no reason to blackball you. And number two, I said ‘Ma$e, it’s not about being blackballed, it’s just that it’s not the 90s no more, bruh.’ That’s what I told him. ‘This ain’t the 90s anymore. You’re not the same guy. These new kids don’t know you. You gotta start from scratch.’ If you come with heat, people will fuck with it. Obviously, you’re not coming with heat.”

Charlamagne later named Cam’ron, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, and Nas as artists who began their rap careers decades ago and are still successful today, before suggesting that Ma$e delete his rap career.

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