Denis Sulta drops thumping lofi single on Ninja Tune

Scotland native Denis Sulta has graced us with a thumping down tempo house single that we can’t get enough of.

In the lead up to his Australian tour over the new year, the man best known for his single ‘It’s only real‘ has released a track titled ‘Matthew Keeps Me Pirrie’ which has us wondering, is this title some kind of word play on friends actor Matthew Perry?

The track is lead in his signature driving lo-fi house style. With the bass and percussion really setting the journey up for the classic sounding synth melodies, the track emits nostalgic and late night Berlin vibes. A special mention has to go out to the murmuring bass that enters at 1 minute 45 seconds that is bounce to set dance floors to salivation mode.

Denis Sulta will be playing Lost Paradise and Wildlands over the new years period which surely will be something you won’t want to miss!

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