Dog Blood Posts On Instagram For First Time In Over A Year, Ignites Hopes Among Fans

There has been no shortage Skrillex rumors over the last year. The artist is almost at the level Daft Punk in terms producing for other artists while keeping fans in the dark about his personal productions. The main difference is that Skrillex is actually coming back. Not only has he played a handful international shows this year, but he has also been billed for two new years eve performances so far: one in Arizona and the other in Minnesota.

The rumors around Skrillex's new music have also bled over into his side project with Boys Noize – Dog Blood. The duo teased new music last year and even briefly reunited. A few months ago Skrillex was seen in the studio with Boys Noize, and not it seems that someone has gotten a pretty dope tattoo in honor the project.

So what could this mean? Possibly nothing, but like that isn't any fun. We have to imagine between the studio sessions, new music from Skrillex and not a reactivated Instagram – new music from Dog Blood is coming soon. Stay tuned for any and all updates.

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