EXCLUSIVE: Lil Mama Talks Challenging Nicki Minaj & Male Rappers (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Lil Mama had people wondering if she fired shots at Nicki Minaj on her song “Too Fly.” AllHipHop.com spoke with the Brooklyn native about the track and why some fans take issue with female rappers when they compete with each other lyrically, but don’t have a problem when male emcees clash on records.

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“You gotta challenge each other. It’s not a demographic thing as far as male or female. It’s about a demographic of rap,” says Mama. “If you’re a part of this sport, you gotta be down for the get down. It’s no sex separation.”

While Mama does not specifically address whether the Trinidad-born Minaj was the intended target of “Too Fly” (despite lines such as “If I was born in Trini and moved to the States, with the rage I make, I woulda got deported”), the former America’s Best Dance Crew judge does make it clear she was throwing down the gauntlet to any would-be rap competitors.

Mama later adds, “Shots fired, all the time, when it comes to those type of songs.”

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Watch Lil Mama’s interview below.

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