"Hitman 2" Developer Confirms Sequel Will Have Six Locations

The Hitman video game series gave gamers some the most thrilling and gruesome gameplay during its history. The series was revamped two years ago in an episodic title simply named Hitman. Although many fans the series felt some type way about the episodic releases that split the game into several seasons, others were elated that Agent 47 had finally made a return. The main protagonist the series is a genetically enhanced assassin. Gamers are tasked with taking control Agent 47 and carrying out hits with a wide range choices. Players can take out their target from a distance, run into the mission guns blazing, or take a more stealthy approach. 

According to VG247, game developer IO has recently confirmed that Hitman 2 will feature six different locations. “We have six confirmed locations that will be immediately playable when Hitman 2 launches on 13 November 2018, and there will be multiple missions available within each location,” an IO Interactive representative told VG247. Although details regarding the locations have not yet been released, IO claims that the main campaign, Escalation Contracts, player created Contracts, and Elusive Targets will all be implemented into each location.

Hitman 2 ships on November 13 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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