Ja Rule Will Be Going On Tour With Ashanti And Starring In A MTV Reality Show

After Ja Rule spent over two years behind bars for tax evasion, he came out a changed man and ready to get back to doing what he loves. Besides having a double album in the works, the Queens rapper is also planning on linking up with his former Murder Inc. songbird Ashanti for a world tour, movie and EP.

“Me and Ashanti are about to go on a big world tour,” Rule told Billboard. “We’re putting together a music and film project with our whole Natural Born Killers tour and EP. It’s kind-of like a Streets is Watching type of film.”

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Rule says the film will be fictional with a “musical feel to it” and “street-edge.”

Ja is also partnering with MTV for a family-friendly reality show. Set for a Oct. 26th premiere (10 p.m), the series will bring viewers into his home that he shares with his wife Aisha, their three children, his mother and his mother-in-law. Queen Latifah serves as the show’s producer.

“You can’t be mad at a man for raising his kids and taking care of his family,” he said. “There’s something wrong with you if you have a problem with that.”

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