Jeezy’s Reveals Upcoming "TM104: The Legend Of The Snowman" Cover Art

If you may or may not recall, in the Spring of 2018, South Carolina legend, Jeezy, hinted that he would be releasing a new, and final album, saying: "as the Cold Summer tour comes to a end.. It was inspiring seeing my day one fans since my first album & class TM 101 come out every night. Now class is coming to a end. It's time for Graduation! My Last Album & Final Class: TM104 -#TrustYaProcess." He went on to release his single "1 Time" at the start of last month - which is rumoured to be a part of the upcoming album - and by the end of the month, had revealed a trailer for the album as well as its release date

Set to drop on the 23rd of this month, the highly anticipated album's arrival is inching closer and closer, and if the dope, old-timey trailer is anything to go by, its revelation is sure to make Jeezy fans regret to see the artist leave the rap scene even more strongly. Now, as the most recent update of the album's development, Jeezy hit the Gram on Thursday to unveil the cover art for it. Keeping things in line with the old-school theme of the trailer, and perhaps paying ode to his OG days and start as a rapper, the art keeps it simple, showcasing a slightly edited version of a classic photo that was taken during his early days as a Rap artist. How y'all feeling it?

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