Kanye West Talks White People Having An Advantage In Society

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West did a live interview with Show Studio. The “In Camera” Q&A included the rapper/fashion designer discussing if he felt he would be criticized less if he was a white artist.

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Kanye said:

If I was a white man that became a really successful musician, that box would have put me in a chamber that would have said I shouldn’t work. There are white people that are super good at something they also get discriminated against in another field.

You could be a photographer and someone could say you can’t be an artist. You could be a designer and someone could say you can’t be a musician, or someone could say you can’t be a film director.

As far as the advantages in life, yes if you are born white you have that in your gene pool currently, because the world is controlled by whites. You have that at 100 as an advantage. If you add a couple of other things to it, then you have a really high chance of success.

If you’re born black and you make it to something like the Met Ball or the Grammys, most likely you’ve done ten times the amount of everyone else there to get there.

When the “Black Skinhead” rhymer was asked if his recent fashion collection having a “political undertone about racism” was connected to his father being a Black Panther, Kanye responded, “I think it’s racist when white people assume that when a black person uses color that it’s a political statement… No, [I was not making a political statement]. It was a painting. It was beautiful colors.”

West also spoke about some critics of his fashion aesthetics discriminating against him for being black as well as being a celebrity. He added that he appreciates the pundits, but the creator of Yeezy Season 2 is convinced that he knows what he likes.

Kanye also called fashion the highest art form in modern times. He said, “It feels like Hip Hop felt to me in the 90’s.”

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