Kanye West & Tim Cook On Apple Becoming The First Trillion Dollar Company

Recently, Kanye West has been talking a big game about Yeezy becoming a billion dollar company and no one is sure if it's true. What has definitely, without a doubt, happened is that Apple has become not a billion, but a trillion dollar company. As the company's CEO Tim Cook wrote, in his letter to Apple employees, at the "closing share price of $207.39, the stock market now values Apple at more than $1 trillion." They are the first ever publicly traded company to hit the trillion mark.

For a little perspective, that number is getting close to Canada's GDP ($1.53 trillion) and is higher than both Amazon and Google. But Cook, in his address, wasn't too hung up on stock prices. He believes it's about the people:

Kanye had a similar message for the company, also thanking the employees with the words "you are so great."

He also had a message for Steve Jobs, his inspiration:

Tim Cook ended his message to employees with a Steve Jobs shout-out too:

Maybe one day Kanye will be in the position to write such a message. 


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