Kodak Black Brings 50 Cent Into His Beef With The Game

Kodak Black continues to just not care, now involving 50 Cent in his beef with The Game.

Like T.I., The Game admonished Kodak for hollering at Lauren London right after her guy Nipsey Hussle died.

Like with T.I., Kodak didn't show his elder an ounce of respect in his response, referencing The Game's usually-rival 50 Cent when he clapped right back at the Compton rapper.

#KodakBlack Goes At #TheGame For Being A Male Stripper In The Past & Goes At #TI

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"You was a booty shaker, you was a male stripper. 50 Cent had to come get you off the pole like whatchu talkin' bout. Yo, leave me alone. Stop talking about me. If Lauren ain't said nothing, y'all need to leave me alone," Kodak mocked.

The Game and 50 Cent have been IG ganstas for some time now. Now they have to deal with a new, young driver in the cyber-lane they created.

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