Listen to all the vinyl-only mixes from the Discogs Record Fair

Photo Credit: By Ravyna

One of the really special events during Electronic Music Conference in November was the Discogs record fair which saw sellers from all over NSW descend onto The Factory Theatre courtyard to share the goodness of wax with the masses.

While people were snapping up mega deals and probably spending their rent money, a slew of selectors were spinning vinyl exclusively with picks from the crates and crates of wax on offer.

It was a really special affair with some incredible DJs doing what they do best with sets from Simon Caldwell, Merph, Sampology, Aroha (Abelton), Daniel Lupica, Garth Linton and Rabbit Taxi and included a chin wag after with MC of the day Kato.

Best bit? All the mixes were captured with plenty of funk, soul, disco, house and obscure electronic for those needing a summer soundtrack!

Check out a video from the day as well before registering for next years EMC.

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