Melbourne has a new Techno stronghold opening next month

Melbourne techno heads - and we know there are a few you - rejoice! A brand new tune dungeon is opening up next month.

Xe54 is the name this new weekly techno gathering, and with the guys behind Beyond The Valley and Pitch festivals at the wheel, you can rest assured the coming lineups are going to be finely curated.

Speaking on Xe54, head booker and promoter Mike Christidis says “we aim to create something that regardless the time year, or which specific week you attend there will be a Saturday nightspot for electronic music lovers with the right attitude to come together and enjoy good music”

“While it’s easy to maintain a quality consistent fering through our experienced resident DJ’s, what’s most impressive is our eclectic mix international and national headliners. Electronic music is so diverse there can be something for everyone, as we learnt with how well the debut Pitch line-up was received. So whether you’re a lover house, techno, disco or so on… we’re sure it will turn some heads.”

Check out some exclusive photos from the new venue below and follow their for more updates in the lead up to August 12th.

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