NOA|AON Releases Bass Loaded Festival Anthem "Go Crazy"

Get up. Get down. Go loopy. NOA|AON does precisely that together with his new pageant impressed anthem “Go Crazy”, out on Gameroom Records simply in time for the pageant season.

“This observe is an ode to the AON in every of us. To the zero f*cks given, nothing left to lose, sh*t’s already hit the fan,” says Pavel Stuchlik, aka NOA|AON. “There is nothing you need to do. to show. to justify. If you need it, go get it. If you don’t, f*ck it. This is your story.”

“Go Crazy” is a superb mixture of bass, electro, home & even some entice and even slightly dubstep sprinkled in. With all of these components teamed up with some MONSTER bass traces, we now have ourselves a tune match for pageant phases worldwide. Check out NOA|AON's “Go Crazy” beneath!

NOA|AON – Go Crazy

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