NY Jets' Robby Anderson's Felony Case Dropped

New York Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson is reportedly f the hook on a felony charge resisting arrest with violence, stemming from a 2017 incident, according to reports. 

Anderson, 25, was arrested on May 7 2017 at the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami Beach, where he was accused "fighting with security" and pushing a police ficer. However, prosecutors determined there was insufficient evidence.

"This is the state, having reviewed it, doing what they're supposed to do when you feel there's not a likelihood any conviction," attorney Ed O'Donnell said Wednesday, per ESPN. "They dropped the case."

The ruling marks another legal victory for Anderson this year, as he was also recently ordered to pay a small fine stemming from a speeding case in which he faced nine different charges including resisting arrest, reckless driving and speeding. Anderson had allegedly threatened to bang the arresting ficer's wife after being stopped following a high-speed chase.

According to ESPN, Anderson is less likely to face an NFL suspension since the various charges have been dropped, although the NFL still has the right to discipline a player even if there's no conviction.

Anderson had a breakout season with the Jets last year, catching 63 passes for 941 yards and 7 TDs, while establishing himself as the Jets #1 receiving threat. 

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