PnB Rock Shares Emotional Dedication To XXXTentacion

Days removed from the tragic death 20-year-old rapper XXXTentacion, many artists have come forward to pay respects. One the latest to add his voice is PnB Rock, who previously collaborated with X on a number  tracks, including "SMASH!" and "Changes." PnB took to Instagram to pen a eulogy sorts, pairing it with an intimate montage behind-the-scenes studio footage, that came from their time recording "Changes" together.

"Just found out me and bro went “Platinum” wit this record," writes PnB. "It’s not even the same tho because i didn’t get a feelin happiness when i heard but instead i just cried because we ain’t even get to share our moment together." PnB continues, shedding some light on X's musical nature. "He’s so musical man it was amazing working with this guy and his spirit was just unmatchable," he writes. "This was my brother. he checked me when i did stupid shit & i truly miss him for so many other reasons."

It's clear that X had a pround effect on many artists, and seeing him vibing in the studio is a sad reminder what we'll be missing. It's clear that the young man had much more to say; earlier this year, he vowed to release three albums, the first which being ?. Now, what was surely set to be a long and fulfilling career has been cut short by an act senseless violence. Rest in peace, XXXTentacion. 

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