Rick Ross Will Countersue 50 Cent and the Two Responsible for Pistol-Whipping Case

A recent report from HipHopWired has stated that Rick Ross will be filing a countersuit against 50 Cent and the two men allegedly responsible for the pistol-whipping case earlier this summer. According to the suit, Jonathan Zamudio and Leonardo Cacere were the two culprits that allegedly kidnapped and beaten the unknown victim instead of Ross, who was eventually charged with kidnapping and aggrevated assault soon after the he was arrested. The Miami rapper’s hired representative, Leron Bridges, has issued a statement that they are looking for the June 25th charges to be dropped.

Rick Ross’ party is also filing a countersuit against 50 Cent for instigating the entire ordeal, with the intentions to extort him, HipHopWired reports. Earlier this month, 50 posted a picture of him with what may be Jonathan Zamudio, explaining the situation as well as ending the caption with  “You pay now”.

Expect this story to develop with more details soon.

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