Rihanna's Fenty Lingerie Launch Is Leaving Fans Frustrated

Fans Rihanna and her Fenty brand have been anxiously awaiting the launch her new Fenty X Savage line lingerie, but some fans are finding themselves out luck when it comes to actually being able to buy it.

According to People, prospective buyers the collection are having their excitement cut short because rather than being presented with products to purchase, they're instead shown a black screen and told that they have to wait in line.

Users were given an estimated time until they'd be allowed to enter the online store, and an option to leave the line was given, though they would then have to start from the beginning. Among those who chose to stay, many would see their wait times extend over and over again, and for some unfortunate souls, when they would go to try and buy the lingerie, the website would refresh, causing everyone to have to start from the very beginning.

Of course, while they were waiting, many pieces from the collection sold out, some within a few minutes release. This kind thing shouldn't be a surprise for anyone who's ever tried to buy Supreme online, as it's typical to watch your shopping cart disappear before your eyes. This queue system is unique, however, and clearly not very effective.

Regardless, congratulations to those who did manage to secure the clothes they wanted. Hopefully next time Rihanna creates this much hype she'll be able to get better servers to handle the traffic.

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