Teyana Taylor Loses Her Wig But Keeps Her Cool: Video

Teyana Taylor's performance in Washington D.C. last night took an abrupt turn when, all of a sudden, the singer's wig fell off mid-song. You can see her hesitate for the tiniest moment, before she embraces the hair malfunction and rips the wig off, spinning it around like a lasso as the crowd erupts. Perhaps only Teyana Taylor could pull this sort of thing off (the red latex and lace outfit helps), to keep that same energy in such a charged moment and turn it into a huge crowd-pleasing event that will likely be the highlight of the show for many fans. Later in the show, after regaining her wig, Taylor grabbed the wig off a fan's head to even louder cheers, waving it around like a trophy.

Taylor is still on tour, so if you want to something unexpected, be sure to check out her show in NYC tomorrow night, if you can get tickets. 

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