These guys do illegal drugs on camera in the name of education – Dancing Astronaut

There’s are few better ways to educate oneself then to see the topic study in progress. Dutch YouTube channel Drugslab has taken this notion in stride, albeit with a more controversial issue: drugs.

The trio who runs the channel and participates in its videos have found a brand new way to reach and educate the masses. Rather than simply lecturing on the correct usage and side effects substances that have earned so much disdain from the public, they’ve taken to actually imbibing in these substances on camera — all in the name proper and effective education.

Quite a few substances have been ingested by Drugslab so far, some even multiple times. More popular ones covered have been MDMA/ecstasy, LSD, ketamine, and cocaine. That said, all three the channel’s educators have said they would not be testing the upper tier dangerous, illicit substances like heroin and krokodil.



These guys do illegal drugs on camera in the name  education - Dancing Astronaut

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