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This Weekend in Chicago 6.30

This Weekend in Chicago 6.30
Last weekend was a blur. Though I tried to catch as much it as I possibly could, most the time I spent wishing i could be in more than one place at once. Highlights included a packed house at Primary both nights, sold out shows at theMID, and course Mamby on The Beach. If you haven't already seen all the dope photos that we took, they're in an on our . This weekend is kind a weird one. The combination a festival last weekend, Primary's birthday party, and a mid-week 4th July next week seems to mean that talent buyers took this weekend f. With the exception Sound-Bar, Friday is completely dominated by local nights. Saturday does have some pretty interesting day party options as does Sunday. This week's guest mix hails from Grand Rapids, MI. Faren Strnad kindly provided us with an hour some delicious techno beats to get you through the second half your week.




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