Watch an American comedian tell Joe Rogan all about his experience at Berghain

You’ve either experienced it first hand or heard from your numerous buddies about their time at infamous Berlin nightclub Berghain and well, it doesn’t sound like anything has changed if  comedian Ari Shaffir’s re-telling of his time there to Joe Rogan is anything to go by.

Chances are you might have seen Ari’s specials on Comedy Central and Netflix or as his support of Joe Rogan on his comedy tours and explains why he’s often a regular on the show talking about the rollercoaster that his life is living in LA.

Turns out he was in Berlin recently and along with his promoter made it along and into Berghain (half the battle right?) and his experience was just how you’d expect it from a day and half inside those walls.

In short it involved MDMA, techno and house music, “the best DJs in the world”, leather and yeah… you might have to watch the below video for the real kicker of his time there.

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