Wendy Williams Defends Chris Brown, Says Nia Guzman Is Exploiting Daughter

Wendy Williams is weighing in yet again on the Chris Brown drama with his baby mother Nia Guzman. The issue stems from allegations that Chris Brown has placed on Guzman, that she's been telling their daughter that "he's a deadbeat father." According to a detailed account filed by Wendy on her website, Nia has upped her demands for alimony by over ten grand monthly. Let the record state, Wendy Williams is siding with Chris Brown as far as it concerns Nia Guzman and their daughter. 

 "Nia is claiming that Royalty stole $300 from (her grandmother) Mrs. Brown’s purse, introduced the cash again to Nia, and mentioned, 'Right here mommy, that is so we will purchase our personal home so I can have my very own room,'" Williams seemed to produce from her sourcebook while on air. The talk show host seems to be insinuating that Guzman is guilty of stoking the flames by using their daughter as a proxy.

Wendy Williams continues to play up her villainous character, in fact she doesn't seem to be hiding from it all. It serves right this time, as she is choosing sides which are, for all intents and purposes, "more cautious" than positions she's held in previous Chris Brown story angles.

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