YBN Cordae Drops Jewels On Dr. Dre’s Importance To Hip-Hop

While Dre didn't lay down any tracks on YBN Cordae's debut The Lost Boyhis impact on the young lyricist should not go unfounded. Today, Cordae hit up Montreality for a quick conversation, in which he made sure to pay homage to the D.R.E. "Dr. Dre is hip-hop," explains Cordae. "There is no hip-hop without Dr. Dre. He cultivated the sound and the culture of hip-hop. Through three decades, he's always had the top sound...He always cultivated the best artists, the most impactful artists of every decade. Of every era, he has his hand in it. With NWA, he is NWA. With himself, with Snoop Dogg, with 2Pac, Eminem, then 50 Cent, then Kendrick Lamar? Bro!"

YBN Cordae Drops Jewels On Dr. Dre's Importance To Hip-Hop

Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Dr. Dre is the greatest of all time, in my opinion. He's a fucking goat. He continues to push this culture forward. He even broke through barriers on the business side of hip-hop. "His level of thinking is so next level," continues Cordae. "For me to even be able to speak on him in person. He's extremely motivating. He's very encouraging. He's got great energy man, I can't speak highly enough about him. He's good peoples man. Just outside of that, he's like a black superhero. For real. And he's buff as fuck! He look like it. He's in better shape than all of us in this room. A thousand percent."

There you have it. Cordae has given his assessment on Dr. Dre, from his impact to his physique. Is the Lost Boy correct? Is Dre the greatest to ever do it? There's certainly a case to be made. Check out the full interview below, Montreality.

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