​Defected celebrates London with two DJ sets from the top of Tower Bridge

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Defected is set to host two unique live sets on top Tower Bridge.

More than 200 feet above the River Thames, CamelPhat and Sam Divine will each play a 45-minute set as the sun goes down over the city.

Grammy Award-nominated CamelPhat released 'Cola' on Defected Records last year, which has gone on to achieve over a million sales and has gone platinum in three territories and gold in five others.

The pair will DJ before Sam Divine, who will play for the live stream on the opposite tower, showcasing a "quintessentially Defected set", featuring plenty the imprint's classic records.

With Defected approaching 20 years in the game, this will be a fitting celebration for the label and indeed the UK.

Mixmag will stream the DJs from 7.30pm on May 24 alongside the label so be sure to keep your eyes peeled on Defected’s or .

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