​EPROM vows to exchange free merch for old Datsik merch at his shows

Revered bass artist EPROM made some waves on Twitter yesterday after stating that anyone who is found wearing a Datsik shirt during his show will be thrown out of the venue.

Datsik, who EPROM had previously opened for during his Ninja Tour, was accused of multiple instances of sexual misconduct back in March of this year. Horrific stories about him encouraging women to take drugs on his tour bus and forcing himself on reluctant fans came to light on social media and Datsik has since disappeared from the limelight completely.

The tweet triggered a miniature cataclysm for the online dubstep community, with many rushing to Datsik's defense while others praised EPROM's stance on the matter. EPROM fired back and doubled down on his position, telling one fan that the reason he was doing this is simply because "Datsik fucking sucks ass."

In an effort to put a "positive spin" on situation, EPROM has vowed to exchange free SHADES or EPROM merchandise for any old Datsik merchandise that his brought to his show. That way, fans can "toss the Datsik shirt in the trash and move on."

He also made it clear that the exchange applies to "one per customer" and that he currently cannot bring merchandise into Canada, so this deal only applies to US shows at the moment.

EPROM and his musical cohort Alix Perez are currently on tour as SHADES. The duo released their debut album 'In Praise of Darkness' earlier this month.

Listen to the album below and check out SHADES' tour dates by going here.

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