​Kanye and Bon Iver link on new Francis and the Lights track

For the lead track on his forthcoming album, US pop project Francis and the Lights has once again brought international music sensation Kanye West and Justin Vernon of Bon Iver together for the collaborative track 'Take Me to the Light'.

The first time the three artists combined their talents was for Francis and the Lights' single 'Friends', which similarly brings overtures of melancholic auto-tune to the forefront. Striking a balance between Kanye's gospel-inspired resonance, Vernon's gentle background croonings and Francis and the Light’s audacious vocal lead, 'Take Me to the Light' is a sonic back-and-forth that brings each artist's unique style to the forefront. Listen to the track below.

The new single comes on the heels of Kanye West's announcement that he will be dropping his new album 'Jesus Is King' on September 27.


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