​Techno holds its spot as Beatport's best selling genre

In order to “strengthen its commitment to developing independent music and labels”, has announced the introduction a new feature called “Hype Charts”.

Launching on the site in June, Beatport’s Hype Charts will give smaller labels “greater visibility” and make it easier to identify unique and upcoming music from all over the world. According to the music platform, 96% Beatport’s music sales is comprised independent music - adding approximately 25,000 new releases each week.

Beatport’s Chief Product Officer, Terry Weerasinghe says that the new feature will give “top billing to those shining gems that may have previously gone under the radar” and will help“encourage the DJ community to dig deeper in the store.”

Along with this innovative new feature on the website, Beatport has released a genre update which shows the platform’s top selling genres. Techno, tech house and house music come in at the one, two and three spots on the chart - followed by deep house, drum ‘n’ bass, electronica, melodic house and techno, trance, progressive house and indie dance. Check out Beatport's genre graphic below.

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