1001 Tracklists present annual ‘A State Of Dance Music’ report for 2021

Returning with yet another mesmerizing report, 1001 Tracklists have presented us all with what was an overwhelmingly successful 2021 for everyone and everything that relates to the electronic dance industry. Acting as the world’s leading DJ tracklist database, 1001 Tracklists has recorded a plethora of data and statistics for the 12 months that we have just left behind, and in turn, their annual ‘A State Of Dance Music‘ report provides us with further insight on 2021’s top tracks, sets, labels and much more!

Despite the constant uncertainty surrounding the global pandemic, dance music has once again showcased its ability at defying every negative situation that presents itself. With this in mind, 2021 has proven to be a record-achieving year for 1001 Tracklists, as an increase of nearly 30% of tracklist additions was established when compared to the previous years’ results. With a staggering 69,000 tracklist additions, it comes to no surprise that their database overflowed with almost 200 per day, whilst over 111,000 tracks resulted in one of the company’s busiest of years.

Providing us all with “the moments that defined electronic dance music in 2021,” 1001 Tracklists have put together a fully adequate and 100% data-driven report, where the likes of Top Genres, Top Tracks, Top Labels, and Top Tracklists, caught our eye as what was a more than successful 2021 for our community. Rising to the very top of the Top Genre category, Tech House grew in popularity in the past year, accumulating a 22% rating for the most DJ supported tracks, with Dance (18%), House (15%), Trance (9%) and Mainstage/Electro House (8%), following suit.

Taking the reigns as the Top Track of 2021, ‘Do It To It‘ by no other than ACRAZE was unsurprisingly the most played track of the past year, with this ground-defying production a clear representation of how a catchy and addictive record can perfectly implement both the commercial and underground sound generated. Following in second and third place respectively, ‘Set U Free’ by GUZ and Vintage Culture & Kiko Franco’s remix of an iconic classic ‘Love Tonight,’ set the tone as 2021’s Top Tracks.

Moving onto the Top Labels for the past year, Spinnin’ Records remains the most supported label for the third time in a row, with the likes of Armada Music, Musical Freedom Records, STMPD Records, and Revealed Recordings forming the Top 5 of this particular category. Recording the highest number of views and in turn topping the 2021 Top Tracklists category, Australian DJ/producer Timmy Trumpet rounded up an incredible year with 32,000 views on his SINPHONY Radio 001. Following close in second with 30,600 views, Marshmello saw his Lollapalooza performance in the U.S., become the most viewed live show of 2021, whilst W&W and their Rave Culture Live 001 generated 26,300 views and in turn taking the third spot of the Top Tracklists.

A truly incredible year for everyone involved within the dance scene, such statistics can only further justify the undeniable significance of dance music to the world. Rounding up 2021 in the most unique of fashions, 1001 Tracklists have reached even further heights, with their A State Of Dance Music report a clear indication of how valuable, as well as groundbreaking their presence actually is. Taking into account every single aspect that has impacted the dance industry, be sure to check out 1001 Tracklists’ full report here, as they dive deeper into 2021’s most ground-defying moments.

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Image Credit: 1001 Tracklists Official Press

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