1788-L Drops One Of The Most Insane Daft Punk Remixes We Have Ever Heard

Daft Punk released their score to the reboot TRON almost 8 years ago already. While even some super fans have forgotten about their album dedicated to the movie, the treasure trove remix potential has lied dormant for quite some time. We all remember iconic remixes from the album such as Avicii's take on ‘Derezzed' and Pretty Lights edit ‘Solar Sailor'. What we have for you today though, might be the most impressive TRON Legacy remix we have heard so far.

Up and coming artist 1788-L only has a few tracks on their Soundcloud account, and not much is known about them. Appearing to be a digital entity sorts, the mystery around the artist only sweetens their insane remix Daft Punk's ‘Rinzler'. The track was initially used to announce the entry a main villain into the plot TRON. 1788-L has keep the heavy chaotic vibes, but ramped up the intensity ten fold. Unforgiving, bass focused electro cuts to the core immediately upon first drop, heavy filtering helps progress the mid section the track, before a final build tension gives way to downright aggressive ending.

We are not sure who this 1788-L is yet, but one thing is for sure – they know how to make some damn good music. Check it out below and follow 1788-L on Facebook here.

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