2 Chainz & Awkwafina Dream Of Better Smartphones In Google Pixel Ad

2 Chainz is getting to the bag these days. With the release of his new album, Rap Or Go To The League, he's been back in the fold of the rap game but he's also been landing some bigger looks. Earlier this year, he appeared in the Super Bowl ad for Expensify alongside Adam Scott. Most recently, he teamed up with Awkwafina for the launch ad for Google's new phone.

There are plenty of smartphones on the market right now such as the latest products from Apple and Samsung. In Google's new launch ad for the Pixel 3a, they had 2 Chainz and Awkwafina dream of the perfect phone which seems to be encompassed in the tech giant's latest smartphone. Chainz and Awkwafina get into banter while getting a manicure about a phone that gets them, their schedule, and even their appetite.

"How 'bout a phone that knows what I want and buys it for me? I should be like, 'Phone, what is that?' and the phone is like, '2 Chainz, it's Mount Fuji.' And I'm like, 'Buy it.' Bam! Bought," he says. 

"Are we asking for too much for a phone that does the dope things we want without paying for the dumb things we don't want?" Awkwafina replies.

“We chose Awkwafina and 2 Chainz to banter about some of the common issues people have with their smartphones that we are helping to solve,” Adrienne Hayes, Google’s VP of marketing for mobile hardware, said in a statement. “They both have a distinct point of view and aren’t afraid to express it. In fact, some of the best lines were actually ad-libbed.”

Peep the commercial below.

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