2 Chainz Gets Super High While Enjoying The "Most Expensivest" Cannabis Cuisine

2 Chainz has enjoyed many expensive outings as the host of the Viceland series that lets him lead the way when testing out some of the world's most luxurious offerings. Most Expensivest has taken the "2 Dollar Bill" rapper to a marijuana paradise, rare kitten breeding grounds and shown him crazy sex dolls as well as a $5K salsa lesson

The latest episode, however, is seemingly like no other since 2 Chainz gets all kinds of high when experiencing the most expensive cannabis-infused menu by Michael Magallanes, the founder of Opulent Chef and one of America’s Top 10 Cannabis Chefs. Before Michael lets Chainz try a variety of meals, he dips his joint in Orange Tangie Diesel Rosin. One gram of the coconut oil infused liquid has 500 MG of THC which equals to around five joints. 

Note that 2 Chainz dabbled in the mix about three times. As the visit goes on, it's clear Chainz is getting really high since his producers have to remind him how potent the food really is. "It's like a 100mg of really strong [weed] so you've got to be careful," a producer tells the rapper. "Seriously, like all jokes aside."

Watch the full clip below for a good laugh. 

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