2 Chainz Is A Proud Father As 5-Year-Old Daughter Freestyles In The Studio

Fathers' Day isn't for another couple weeks, but 2 Chainz is definitely proud to be a father. While some people in the rap game shower their children with so much affection that it's almost excessive, 2 Chainz would father show f his 5-year-old daughter spitting a crazy freestyle in the booth. 

On his Instagram Story yesteday, 2 Chainz captured his daughter, with a massive pair headphones on her tiny head, dishing out nothing but straight BARS. In what is surely going to be the start the positive rap revival, 2 Chainz's daughter raps about eating healthy, and almost turning 6, and shouting out DJ Khaled.

While she's on the mic dropping gems like, "I got a skateboard, you see my ridin' on it. So cool, cause I like it," 2 Chainz is in the foreground acting as his daughter's hypeman while she does her thing. 

At the end the video, she even calls out her own father, asking "What about the pink trap house?!" The pink trap house is a reference to 2 Chainz's last album, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, which used the house heavily as a promotional tool. It's not surprising that a little girl would be fond a bright pink house. 

If she keeps this up, we might see a feature from 2 Chainz's daughter on his next album, Trap Or Go To The League. In the meantime, 2 Chainz is definitely earning his "#1 Dad" cfee mug this year. Check out 2 Chainz and his daughter in the video down below. 

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