21 Savage Catches Breast Milk Like He Catches Bodies

21 Savage may occasionally showcase a goy sense humor, but don't get it twisted - he'll still kill you. In the wake an ongoing rumor surrounding his previous relationship with Amber Rose, 21 has decided that laughter is indeed the best medicine. While he's not exactly known for self-deprecation, it's clear that the 21 can let loose without worrying about his perceived image. Savage has said it before, and he'll say it again; you'd be ill-advised to disrespect his gangsta. Still, this latest clip from his Instagram page is undeniably out character, and it's safe to say this is a new look for the Savage Mode rapper. 

The man who proudly enjoys hot sauce on his chicken apparently enjoys his milk straight from the plug. Employing a bizarre filter, a furry-friendly 21 lies back, catching spurts breast milk as they blast, cannonade-like, from a cow's udder. His combo is impressive, as is the cold stare he employs, as if daring somebody to interrupt his flow.

"Savage love titie milk (don’t let this distract you from the fact that i’ll smoke you)," he writes, once agian reminding skeptics to think twice before reassessing his the nature his reputation. While this may be the oddest thing you've seen all day, it does serve as a welcome bit character development from the seemingly closed-f rapper. Peep the bizarre video below, and don't forget to take in your daily dose calcium. 

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