3LAU Releases His Best Work Yet On His New Album

3lau has been a fixture in our ears for as far back as we can remember in my Electronic Music fandom. Releasing timeless tracks like “Escape” with Paris and Simo, “How You Love Me”, “Is It Love”, “Bright Lights”, “Hot Water” and so so many more 3lau has never let his foot f the gas.

The Las Vegas native has been hitting the studio hard with comparable powerhouse sets on mainstages across the globe. Over recent months, Justin has been teasing the release his “Ultraviolet” album with all streaming proceeds being donated to charity. Launching his label “BLUME” in 2016 he became the first label head with roots in donating proceeds and giving back to the community that he has grown such a reputation in. From a show getting cancelled in Houston due to the horrific Hurricane Harvey to rescheduling and donating $20,000 (including his show fee) to relief; to the Las Vegas shooting, 3lau has been at the forefront getting word out and exposing his massive heart to relief.

Now back to music, he has coined “Ultraviolet” as his hardest most pround work yet, and there is absolutely no dissagreement from me. The album is full banger tracks that expose his masterful production skills. From the progressive sounds in “Star Crossed” that he has grown known for to a deeper more electronically focused tracks like “Winter”, this album has it all and will surely recieve recognition. The album is extremely diverse and the tracks bring emotion out listeners all the way through. Albums like this are the root our fandom and in its entirety is deserving your ear buds.

The album has replay value throughout and we cannot knock the fact that Justin took on a lot more than we had recently thought were in his repetuar. From cover to cover this album is 5* shit and we know you will enjoy it as much as us! Not to mention, again, all proceeds are going to a good cause! To give you an idea…

Stream “Ultraviolet” here and get ready to vibe.

Photo Cred: RUKES

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