4 Must-See Artists At the 2022 Skyline Festival In Los Angeles

Oh, Los Angeles—where you can rave outside in February with no fear of the winter chill. 

Skyline is set to take over L.A. this weekend with nary a snowflake on the radar—and a massive lineup of techno and house music favorites, such as headliners Carl Cox, Chris Lake and Green Velvet. Hosted by Insomniac's storied Factory 93 brand and Day Trip, the open-air event will take place February 26-27 in downtown Los Angeles. 

Here are four of our must-see DJ sets at Skyline 2022.


While catching HoneyLuv's set will require a prompt arrival to Skyline, rest assured, her infectious blend of bass and tech house will make you glad you made it to her dancefloor. She's self-described as the "female Diplo," and with tracks like the heart-pumping "F R E E" and the down-and-dirty "Paradise" (with Hugo Cantarra and OMEM), she certainly fits the bill.

Find HoneyLuv on the North Stage from 5-6PM on Sunday, February 27th. 

Marco Carola B2B Loco Dice 

Seeing Marco Carola and Loco Dice perform together is so rare that even Factory 93 couldn't find a solid recording to promote their collaborative Skyline set. To boot, Carola hasn't released music in over a decade, hinting at a massive library of unreleased cuts.

But despite the hush-hush, we know that these European techno mainstays will pack in more than enough heat to beat out the low temperatures (by Angeleno standards) predicted for Sunday night. To prep for their 8:30-10:15PM performance at the South Stage, we recommend Carola's "Magic Tribe" and "Party People," as well as "You Want To Be Me" by Loco Dice and his remix of Harvard Bass' "Techno Nites."

Anfisa Letyago

Garnering the support of fellow Skyline artist and electronic music legend Carl Cox is just one of the many triumphs on Anfisa Letyago's thriving pedigree.

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4 Must-See Artists At the 2022 Skyline Festival In Los Angeles

Carl Cox, Chris Lake and Green Velvet are set to headline the two-day event, which is dedicated to the house and techno underground.

The EDM.com Class of 2022 inductee has risen to the upper echelon of the genre's corps d'elite in little time, thanks to a mesmeric yet pulsating sound that flings listeners headlong into rabbit holes of hypnotic techno bliss. Case in point is "Saluting Battery," a quirky techno bomb released to commemorate her riveting DJ set for Cercle at Malta's historic Saluting Battery site.

Catch Letyago on the South Stage at 6PM on Sunday, February 27th.


The weather is to L.A. what Cloonee is to tech house: essential.

The U.K. beatsmith has been a rampage, dominating the red-hot tech house scene with his infectious sound and masterful grasp on all things four-on-the-floor. He's also renowned for his ingenious sampling, like when he interpolated Gwen Stefani and Eve's 2001 classic "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" in his breakthrough single "The Ciggie."

If you're a dance music enthusiast who may be dragging feet on Cloonee, it'd behoove you to check out his set on the North Stage at 7PM on Saturday, February 26th.

Skyline Festival 2022 Weekend Parties

Where are the afters, you might ask?

Check out Green Velvet at Exchange, Claptone at Academy, or Marco Carola B2B Loco Dice at 1720 all on Saturday, February 26th. Noizu will also be kicking off the weekend at Exchange on Friday, February 25th. Tickets are on sale here.

Check out the full schedule for Skyline 2022 below.

Skyline Festival 2022 Set Times

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