4 Things Not to Miss at Balaton Sound 2022, Europe’s Largest Beachfront EDM Festival

If you’re planning on traveling to Balaton Sound this year, chances are you're already clued into the dazzling sights and sounds to expect.

Scheduled to June 29th to July 2nd on the southern bank of Lake Balaton, Hungary, Europe's largest beachfront electronic dance music festival is returning in a big way this year. And ravers are in for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Here's a list of four things you need to do while attending this year's Balaton Sound in Hungary.

Set Sail and Party On Lake Balaton

Why rave only on land?

Forecasts are predicting beautiful weather at the breezy Lake Balaton all week long, so it's an ideal time to set sail. Balaton Sound offers unforgettable boat parties in the middle of the gleaming lake, featuring nautical DJ sets from a number of the event's performing artists.

Balaton Sound 2022 Opening Party

For those who just can’t get enough and want to start the party early, Balaton Sound has it covered.

You can check in and head to the opening party on June 28th for 10 hours of raving at the beautiful Plazs venue near the lake in Siofok, often referred to as the capital of Lake Balaton. The event boasts two areas, where fans can indulge in techno and house music from 7PM to 4AM.

If you plan on traveling from Balaton Sound to Plazs and back, you can purchase a shuttle transfer pass, which runs from 7 to 9PM and then again from 2 to 4AM. More information on the Opening Party can be found here

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4 Things Not to Miss at Balaton Sound 2022, Europe's Largest Beachfront EDM Festival

From the festival's one-of-a-kind boat parties to its luxury VIP experience, here are four things ravers simply cannot miss at Balaton Sound 2022.

The elrow and B Stage

With DJ sets from the likes of FISHER, Meduza and Cloonee taking over the elrow stage, fans are guaranteed to have a blast at just about any time they walk up. Dozens of high-profiles artists are slated to perform throughout the week at the elrow stage, which Balaton Sound has called "the place where you find the sinners of the world enjoying without thinking."

You can also check out the scintillating B stage, which has no shortage of can't-miss performances. Ben Böhmer, Sven Väth, Monolink, Richie Hawtin and many more electronic music luminaries will perform here.

VIP Areas

Balaton Sound's VIP experiences, which are touted as among the best in Europe, will include a bunch of new upgrades this year. That includes a brand new elrow VIP area with an exotic jungle feel, exclusive DJ sets and views to the main elrow stage.

If you’re looking for more of a laid-back feel, you can check out the festival's VIP shore, which will offer sun-kissed beach parties and poolside vibes.

Balaton Sound 2022 is also debuting a revamped version of its lavish Las Vegas Casino Events VIP experience. The 2019 edition featured a photo wall, makeup lounge, massage area and an exclusive stand that overlooked the Main Stage. Organizers say the renewed experience will include "exclusive parties with surprise show elements."

You can find out more about the festival's VIP experiences and upgrades here

Balaton Sound VIP BEACH

For more information on Balaton Sound, visit the festival's website.


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Website: balatonsound.com

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