50 Cent Calls Out Spotify For Their Anti-Hate Policy Against XXXTentacion & R. Kelly

Just one day after announcing that he was leaving Instagram for unfairly censoring him and deleting his posts, 50 Cent is sharing his opinion on Twitter now. Never one to remain quiet for too long, 50 was critical the photo-based social media site yesterday after they removed things from his page without notifying him, leading him to post several mysterious black boxes this morning. While the empty posts are likely his fight against their censorship his prile, Fiddy commented on Spotify's new "Anti-Hate" policy on a different social medium for once, making his way to Twitter. 

Spotify recently implemented a new policy that attempts to reduce the amount hateful content on their streaming platform and with it came the removals R. Kelly, XXXTentacion, and Tay-K songs from their ficial playlists. While it will be incredibly difficult to crack down on any music recorded by problematic artists, their decisions to pull Kells, X and Tay-K have been critiqued by some, including 50 Cent. In a tweet published today, Fif said, "Spotify is wrong for what there sic] doing to artist like R Kelly and xxxtentacion. There sic] not even convicted any thing." 50 has a point in arguing that people should be considered innocent until they are proven guilty and, although each artist removed from the Spotify ficial playlists has proven to be controversial, there is little justification for why they were chosen instead other problematic artists.

What do you think the anti-hate policy? Do you see it as a productive improvement or is it as problematic as 50 believes?

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