50 Cent Continues Trolling Bow Wow: "Did He Just Call Ciara A B*tch?"

50 Cent surely has a long list of rivals at this stage of his career. The executive producer of Power has shown the motivation to get back in the studio and work on new music but he's remained relevant for the last few years because of his social media savviness. Fif has adapted with the times, moving his trolling mannerisms over from wax to the internet, taking aim at his friends, foes, and anything in between. This week, a trip to the strip club marked a turning point in 50 Cent's relationship with a couple of his buddies. Trey Songz has been trying to clear his name and for the most part, it's worked. Bow Wow was not so lucky though because after allegedly bringing some money home from the club, Fiddy wants his change and he wants it soon.

50 Cent Continues Trolling Bow Wow: "Did He Just Call Ciara A B*tch?"
Frank Mullen/Getty Images -- Bow Wow and Ciara during Grand Opening of Taste Boutique at Taste Boutique in Duluth, Georgia

Ciara has levelled up in recent years, moving on from Bow Wow and Future and realizing that Russell Wilson is the right man for her. She and Bow were once engaged and somehow, she's managed to creep her way into the war of words going on between 50 Cent and her ex-fiancé. In a video posted to Instagram, Bow Wow claimed to have had everything at his disposal before Fif: movie money, television money, "bitches" and more. The final statement got Fif feeling a little confused as to why Bow Wow would be so disrespectful to his former lovers, especially Ciara.

"Movie money before him, Tv money before him, bitches before him," said 50 Cent, mimicking Bow Wow. "Did he just call @Ciara a bitch. she’s not gonna like this, but give @antthaladiesman the money,😠and don’t be ever doing shit behind my back again."

Once 50 Cent gets his cash back, the two will likely be able to move on in their friendship. Do you think Ciara will chime in or is she above this?

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