50 Cent Cracks Up After Learning Meek Mill Owes His Jeweler Money

Meek Mill is a good man. He's working toward a better future for so many people and he doesn't deserve to feel the wrath of 50 Cent. The New York rapper has been hassling anybody that has ever borrowed money from him, pulling up on them in the virtual realm and demanding that they pay him back promptly. His new alter-ego Fofty is ruthless and will try anything he can to get his coin. Using Rotimi's money to buy some new jewellery, Fiddy connected with his jeweller who told him that he's actually waiting for a check from none other than Meek Mill. Needless to say, Fofty left the shop with a few ideas.

50 Cent Cracks Up After Learning Meek Mill Owes His Jeweler Money
Gotham/Getty Images

If 50 Cent does end up taking on Meek Mill, it will likely be short-lived. The amount that Meek owes his jeweller is only $4,000 and he's promised to pay it back soon. There's a chance that Fif doesn't need to step in but the way he was laughing made it sound like he had more than a few ideas in his head. "Who you said owe you money?" asked the rapper while looking at a sheet his jeweller handed over to him. "That's what you said? Meek Mill owe you money?"

50 Cent is really out here snitching on Meek. Hopefully, this doesn't go anywhere further and Meek decides to pay up soon. Do you think we're in for a battle between Meek and 50?

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