50 Cent Denounces Balenciaga's Luxury Dad Shoes

Fashion is a mysterious thing that can be tough to ever really pin down. Trends come and go so fast that it's hard to keep track them all, and sometimes they can get a little strange. One trend that seems to have lasted a few years are designer brands doing their unique spin on what looks like orthopedic dad sneakers. 

These designs have proved somewhat divisive, with many people failing to appreciate the athletic wear origins and slight aesthetic ugliness the shoes. One these such people is 50 Cent, who clearly has no time for such shenanigans. 

Posting a picture some Balenciaga Triple-S sneakers that he's thrown haphazardly onto the floor, 50 writes, "Nah ?l ain’t wit lt, Balenciaga can keep these joints. Them shit’s look like sporty handicap shoes. ??get the strap."

No one is saying that 50 has to like these shoes, but some details the photo are slightly suspect. For instance, the tag for one the shoes is clearly visible in the picture, which means that A) 50 bought the shoes just for this photo or B) He was gifted them and tossed them away with no remorse. 

50 has always been a bit a trendsetter himself, as he and the rest G-Unit pretty much defined early 2000's gangster rap fashion; big jeans, du-rags and all. 50 has since transitioned to his suit and tie phase his life, but it seems that the stuff the kids are wearing has become too much for him. 

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