50 Cent Destroys Young Buck: "F*CK YOU, PUNK ASS N***A"

50 Cent has been on a mission to collect money from anybody he's ever lent a dime to. He wants to reach the next level and every cent helps. Considering Curtis has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in developing the careers of Rotimi and others, he has a right to demand a percentage. His moves have been calculated and it feels as though Fofty has a list he's keeping of targets to go after. After Jackie Long paid up, it was Rotimi's turn. Now that the Power actor reached in his bagTony Yayo became a surprising victim. And of course, Young Buck is still in the equation. Reposting a video from Buck's Breakfast Club interview last year, 50 Cent added commentary and requested his coin by Monday.

50 Cent Destroys Young Buck: "F*CK YOU, PUNK ASS N***A"
Carley Margolis/Getty Images

When discussing the topic of money, Buck says that he's never known about taxes and all that fun stuff. 50 Cent jumped in to say that he gave the rapper millions of dollars in a private account and right after that, Buck went and bought cars, jewelry and more. "Stupid n***as," exclaimed 50 while sighing. 

"I gave this fool the money man, he spent it. I paid his taxes all his legal fees," said Curtis. "Then he got caught with a tranny, and said fuck you 50. NO FUCK YOU,PUNK ASS N***A."

The feud between Fofty and Buck is neverending. A big part of us wants G-Unit to get along for obvious reasons but unfortunately, that doesn't seem likely anytime soon.

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